LOS Warmachine University (2023)

As of 2022.08 Warmachine University has turned into an archive for Mk3 rules (3rd Edition).
Refer to the Privateer Press website for all modern Mk4 (4th Edition) related content.

This site has been kept online for any players who want to continue using Mk3 rules and/or anyone who wants to compare Mk4 Legacy models to Mk3 models.
Privateer Press have an official wiki that covers all their main game systems, and my understanding is that Warmachine Mk4 will be on the PP wiki.

More information can be found on the Talk:Main Page area of this wiki.

Welcome to Warmachine University

Warmachine University Mission Statement

Warmachine University is a fan-made site that was created, and is maintained, for the purpose of helping Warmachine & Hordes players of all skill levels improve their game through knowledge of the game itself.


  • 1 What's on this website
  • 2 New (or returning) Players - Start Here!
  • 3 Creating/Editing Content
    • 3.1 Who writes Warmachine University?
    • 3.2 Warmachine University is not a source of Official Rules
    • 3.3 Contact Us
  • 4 Rules and Rules Clarifications
  • 5 Warmachine University - A brief history
    • 5.1 The beginning
    • 5.2 The wikispaces era
    • 5.3 The dot org era
    • 5.4 The LOS era

What's on this website

1 - Model Articles

Warmachine University is perhaps best known for having an article for every model in the game. Each article has 3 distinct sections:

  1. A copy of the model rules, as word-for-word as we can possibly make it.
  2. Tactical advice on how these rules translate into what the model really does in a game, its combos with other models, and so on.
  3. Trivia, Rules Clarifications, and other Miscelleanous info

The tactical advice is user-submitted and may not be up-to-date with the latest erratas and/or model releases. Also the advice does not have much relevance to the higher levels of competitive play, mainly because that style of play evolves quickly as new models are released and strategies are developed (more quickly than users update this website). That said, the tactical advice is always great for beginners and more casual players.

(Video) Rush em Run em' Over

To get to the model entries, click on the relevant Faction in the left-hand sidebar or click here.

2 - Theme Forces Articles

Models are subdivided into Factions, and Factions are further subdivided into Theme Forces. WMU has an article for every theme force in the game too.

3 - Newbie Guides

We have dozens of newbie-friendly guides on everything from to how do Theme Forces work to what are the rules for Cavalry? to ...

4 - And more

Poke around in The Vaults and you'll find lots of information that doesn't easily fit anywhere else.

New (or returning) Players - Start Here!

The Core rulebook was last updated 2021.08, and can be downloaded from the PP rules page (or here's the direct link: WMH-Game-Rules-Aug2021.pdf)
The Theme Force supplement was last updated 2021.04, and can be downloaded from the PP rules page (or here's the direct link: Theme-Forces_Apr2021.pdf)
The Model rules are updated whenever models are released/errata'd. The most up-to-date version can be found on the Warroom app, or you can download them at PP's card database (but the card database has yet to be 100% updated to match the 2021.10 errata).

We've got articles to help you whatever stage you're at:

(Video) The Town That Never Was

  • What is Warmachine and Hordes? If you've only just heard of this game (or wargaming in general).
  • What do I need to buy/borrow?
  • Faction Overview. If you're still trying to decide which Faction to buy.
  • Starter Products. Cheaper ways to start collecting an army.
  • Cheat Sheets. Fan-made quick reference stuff.
  • Info for returning players if you used to play the game several years ago, and want to know what's changed.

Training Articles

  • Glossary
  • Basic Training for brand new players. It goes over the key parts of the core rules.
  • Intermediate Training for new-ish players. It goes over complex bits of the core rules.
  • Advanced Training goes over nebulous stuff like list design and outmaneuvering your opponent.

As of 2020.08 the Intermediate and Advanced series are still a WIP.

Creating/Editing Content

Who writes Warmachine University?

Warmachine University is a public wiki, which means anyone can edit it.

Historically this meant everything was written by volunteers of varying skill levels, experience, and writing ability - but as of May 2018 the reins were taken over by the Line of Sight team who are putting together a team of writers to do the lion's share of writing. But still, if you have something to add, feel free to add it!

  • Check out the guides in the Contribute section before diving in to editing willy-nilly.
  • Talk to other Warmachine University editors on the Facebook group page

Warmachine University is not a source of Official Rules

Warmachine University (WMU) is not officially endorsed by Privateer Press (PP).

Historically this meant we could not give readers exact stats/rules (because of Copyright and Intellectual Property issues) and had to give more vague 'pseudo-rules' instead. However, this all changed in 2016 when PP announced that they were going to go fully digital with their rules and provide all their rules for free and allow third-party websites (like WMU) free reign to share exact copies of the rules.

(Video) The Machine - Bert Kreischer: THE MACHINE

Since that announcement we have edited nearly all our pages from 'pseudo-rules' to exact copies, but we don't always get it right (for various reasons).

What this all adds up to is simple: We try our best, but there are mistakes on this website. Don't trust everything you read on the internet, and always play the game based on the official rules. Meanwhile, if you see a mistake, go ahead and fix it!

Contact Us

  • If you need to contact an admin, refer to the Talk:Main Page#Contact Us.
  • If you want to talk to other Warmachine University editors, use the Facebook group page.

Rules and Rules Clarifications

At the top of every model page you will find a Rules summary. These rules used to be "pseudo rules" to avoid copyright, but are currently being changed over to exact copies (as mentioned above).

At the bottom of most model pages you'll find a list of Rules Clarifications. These clarifications are typically unofficial, except those with an Infernal Ruling. However each and every clarification attempts to "use the rules to explain how this works" rather than just "it works this way because I say so."

The clarifications are from discussions on the official Rules Questions forum, and can be considered the "communally accepted proper way to play the rule."

Warmachine University - A brief history

The beginning

Warmachine University started life as Battlecollege.com way back in Mk I. It was a non-wiki wesbite run by a single person, Ringsnake. Unfortunately, when Mk II happened (2010) Ringsnake did not feel he could maintain or update the site.

(Video) Bob Dylan - Hurricane (Official Audio)

The wikispaces era

The site would have died then, but for the efforts of StJason who archived and transported the content to the "wikispaces" website (wikispaces.com/battlecollege) which, at the time, was a free service sort of like 'wikipedia lite'.

As a wiki it lets everyone have a say, rather than just showcasing the opinions of one individual. As the games grow and evolve, so does the wiki. By letting a more general consensus appear, not to mention the voices of dozens of you mad tactical geniuses, we can get a more accurate, more inventive, and more dastardly tactica set up for the beginner. Who will turn around and invent something even more nasty?... Sharing is caring!

In 2014 juckto came into the picture and said "Battle College has gotten a bad reputation for giving bad advice more often than it gives good advice, so let's restructure how we're giving players info." He spearheaded several changes to the site, and somehow convinced other editors to follow his lead.

  • He made the "Basic Info" and "Thoughts On" section into seperate sections. Previously it was a hodgepodge of factual info and tactical advice.
  • He expanded "Thoughts On" to have subsections for "nutshell", "combos", "drawbacks", and "tips". Prior to this, "drawbacks" were never discussed and new players would get the wrong impression on how good stuff really was/was not.
  • He implemented using standardised templates for abilities/spells/etc. Before this, editors would often just write the names of the abilities, and a new player was left scratching their head wondering what those abilities did.
  • He started writing the Rules Clarifications.

As of 2020 juckto is still the main WMU admin/editor, even though the site is running under the LOS banner (more about that below).

The dot org era

Near the end of 2015 the Monocle Society company generously offered to take over the running costs of the wikispaces host software (which by then had not been free for several years) and also purchased the battlecollege.org domain name, and their offer was happily accepted. Also around this time the website had grown to the size and complexity that it the underlying wikispaces code was struggling and glitching quite often. So when Mk3 was announced (mid-2016), the decision was made to leave the old wikispaces site behind completely and instead run modern wikipedia software engine on a new server (battlecollege.org).

The LOS era

In early-2018, after the site went offline a couple of times, the CEO of Monocle Society announced that he needed to pass the torch of hosting over to someone else. He didn't have the time to manage it anymore and, asides from the cost, it really does need better love and attention. The CEO gave the other admins the password for the server account and then went almost completely incommunicado. Unfortunately an extra layer of security implemented by the server host service meant the other admins were unable to gain access even with the password.

(Video) Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

After a month or two of trying to contact the server host and/or the CEO and getting nowhere, juckto decided the best way forward would be to create a brand new account with another server host and manually copy the site content to a that different server host. juckto didn't have the technical expertise to do any of that himself, so he made a public plea for help. This was answered by many players, but the most organised bunch were the Line of Sight team who did a fantastic job of setting up the server you are currently reading and copying everything across.


What do I need to start playing warmachine? ›

See Faction Overview to help you decide which Faction you want to start with.
  1. Some "real superglue". ...
  2. Six-sided dice. ...
  3. A measuring tape (marked with inches)
  4. A set of templates. ...
  5. A set of tokens to mark in-game effects (small bits of scrap paper can do in a pinch)
17 Oct 2021

What is Brawlmachine? ›

Brawlmachine is an unofficial game format made by the LOS podcast team and it is designed to: Be smaller (and therefore faster and cheaper) Be both new-player friendly, and still engaging for veteran players. Teach the basics of the Steamroller game format (which is the larger, standard tournament game format)

Where can I play warmachine? ›

Warmachine and Hordes is played on a tabletop battlefield, using miniature models of the troops, war machines, and terrain.

How do you play War Machine? ›

WARMACHINE Gameplay Tutorial - YouTube

Is warmachine cheaper than Warhammer? ›

I prefer Warmachine. Cheaper, and wayyyy more balanced factions compared to Warhammer all around.

How do I start warmachine hordes? ›

How to start playing Warmachine – Hordes
  1. Find Some Games: If you have a local press ganger they can really help you out by giving you and buddy a few beginning battle box games. ...
  2. Pick ONE. Probably the hardest thing to do is pick a faction. ...
  3. Play for Fun – Not to Win Early. ...
  4. Use The Resources.
31 Dec 2014

Is war machine in jail? ›

War Machine (born Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, November 30, 1981) is an American former professional mixed martial artist, former pornographic actor, and incarcerated felon. He is currently serving a life sentence for multiple counts of rape, kidnapping, and domestic battery, among other charges.

How do you play high command? ›

WARMACHINE and HORDES High Command Tutorial - Privateer Press

How do you beat war machine in Civ 6? ›

Use your artillery to pound the Germans as hard as you can. Focus on German Artillery units and Machine Guns, then infantry. You might able to take Metz, and if you can without losing more than one or two Infantry units you should especially if Metz or the Metz Encampment has an artillery unit in it.

What is the current version of warmachine? ›

Mark IV Warmachine

In July 2022 mk4 was announced. Support for mk4 will begin in January 2023. Mk4 will reboot the universe, armies and models. New models will be made with 3D printing technology instead of injection mold.

When was warmachine released? ›

The film was released on Netflix on May 26, 2017.


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(King Samo)
2. THE INCREDIBLE HULK (2008) University Battle [HD] Hulk Smash
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4. #2 Alabama vs #20 Arkansas Highlights | College Football Week 5 | 2022 College Football Highlights
5. Malcolm X’s Fiery Speech Addressing Police Brutality
(Smithsonian Channel)
6. The Case of Brendt Christensen
(J C S)
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